The Endless Dream

by Trevor Layton

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The second album from Trevor Layton, this walks a much different path than the first... if the driving concept behind that album was 'solo acoustic singer-songwriter rock', then this album is 'full-band cranked-volume sweaty concert hall rock'!


released February 12, 2012

All music written, played, produced, mixed and mastered by Trevor Layton... it took some time.

Except for:
"Tune Into My Mind" co-written by Josh Lightman.
Keyboards on "Can't Help Myself" and "Stop" played by Rob Turner.



all rights reserved


Trevor Layton Vancouver, British Columbia

Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Trevor Layton took up guitar at the age of 13 and has become an excellent player, vocalist and songwriter, displaying a range and versatility far beyond his years. His entirely self-produced second album, Trevor Layton and The Endless Dream, has just been released in February 2012, and Trevor is preparing for shows in the spring and summer with his full band! ... more

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Track Name: Tune Into My Mind
Everything feels so long ago
Like nothing is really real
Just a picture in slo-mo
So this is how it feels to be in limbo
A strange, technicolour vertigo
The numbers may change, but the faces remain
Now I'm seeing your face inside of my head

I will hide behind a wall of sound
I won't be found!

This is what I hear, when I look inside
This is how it feels, to tune into my mind

Can't you see how much I want to feel
How much I'd like to know
What's right and what is real
And everything that makes it so
If I could only bring myself
To let these old walls down
If I could see inside
Who knows what could be found?

Just for once in my life
I could hear how it really sounds

This is what I hear, when I look inside
This is how it feels, to tune into my mind
This is what I hear, when I look inside
This is how it feels
Won't you come along for the ride?
Track Name: Break Away
You have the same dream every night
You wonder what it's like to really be alive
And you just can't seem to figure it out
You never get a clue of what it's all about

Now I'm listening to all your fears
Nothing that I say could help you out of this
Let me tell you about what is gone
Everything you ever felt or ever saw

And now for the surprise
It glances into your eyes
Can't stop it any more
I wanna stop feeling sore!

You've gotta learn to live again
Stop being scared, don't be afraid
Yeah, it's time to break away again
Leave it all behind, and fly away

Nothing is the same any more
Nothing comes your way, just let it go
You think it's different, but nothing has changed
You gotta start to look inside yourself again
Track Name: Do It For You
Baby, don't you wonder what might be?
Come with me and we will find release
Honey, just a glance into your eyes
makes my spirit rise

Darling, if you laid down by my side
I'd be in your gratitude
I won't shy away if you won't hide
So, baby, tell me true... Do I do it for you?

Baby, won't you stiffen my resolve
And harden my courage for me
and even though my soul, it may be weak
I guarantee my flesh is willing
Track Name: Can't Help Myself
It's so hard to tell between Heaven and Hell
It's so hard to feel what's fake and what is real
But if you lie with me tonight
I might learn my wrong from right

You could teach me how to love, how to fend for myself
show me things I never figured out with anybody else

And I can't help but think of you
When that train comes to town
And I can't help but wonder
Lord, I can't help myself

Baby I can't help myself

Well, some say I make it hard for myself
I fall in love all the time
but without love, would life really matter?
Without love we'd be living a lie

No, I can't help but think of you
Even from the slightest sound
Yeah, I feel like a King without a crown
I really can't help myself
And I can't help but think of you
When the mail lady comes around
Well, I can't help but smile
When I fall, I will drown in style

Maybe I could lean on you
when the world is spinning 'round
I'd have the conviction to believe in you
While the walls are crumbling down

No, I can't help but think of you
When the lightning hits the ground
It gets me so excited
you know, I can't help myself
And I can't help but think of you
When the last fair deal goes down
You know it scares me straight to Hell
But I still can't help myself
Track Name: Shadowrunner
You're gonna fly head-first to the edge of the earth
Just to see what it feels like to fall
Drive a hundred miles to the center of the sun
And you know I'll be watching it all
I'm the one you see When you enter your dreams
Don't bother to escape from the nightmare
You can try to run To the corners of the world
No matter where you go, I'm already there

You know I see you
Dancing in and out of the mirror
My image is distorted
And my integrity is smeared
Yeah I feel you
Shadowing all of my manuevers
You shed light on all my secrets
And you shatter all of my illusions

I can make the water boil
I could set your soul on fire
But I would never dare to go that far
I'll just stand and watch as you live your life
I can be a friend, or an enemy
Assuming any guise
I can see the truth that tears at your soul
Simply by looking into your eyes

You may see me standing here before you
But the eyes can so easily be fooled
Listen to my words, let them penetrate you
As nothing else ever will...
Track Name: One I Want
Bitten my lip in my sleep
And I try not to move and I'm falling apart
And everything I see is coming back to haunt me
I can't help but feel as if nothing feels real
And I can't figure out what's happening to me
Yeah, I'm wondering why I've been left behind
And far away

You're the one I want, yeah, you can take me
Much farther than I've ever been
You're the one I want, through thick and thin
and I'll keep on trying 'til you give in, give in

Now I wonder do I have a reason for being
I can't help but think that there's nothing for me
Except for my life and my very own truth
And I'm wondering why I've fallen for you
I've fallen for you
And I can't figure out why I feel so far away

No more wasting time, I want to feel alive
I want to know what it's like to hold you before I die

All that the eye can see must be real
When you hold it in your hand can you feel it?
Hold out your heart when it hurts, let me heal it
As everything you know is true I reveal it
And maybe there is no truth, but at least there's a reason
And everything unknown remains sealed, somewhere far away
Track Name: A Triptych
Always running, never stopping
If you care you will show it to me
Always running, never stopping
If you care, then you won't fail me
You've loved for so long, now it's time to
Fall into eternal slumber
When you'll wake up to the sound of
The world drawing down the final curtain

Always running, never stopping
I'll protect you but I can't stay forever
You'll outlast me, the Earth, the cosmos
And the universe, and all existence
Don't fail me now, you can't let me down
Don't try to comprehend unexistence
Don't think about how you'll be alone
Waking up to Armaggeddon

If you listen really closely
Can you hear me in your dreams?
All of my nightmares revolve in phases
From a whisper... to a scream
Track Name: Visions
I'm seeing things in the sky
Seeing faces in the clouds

Yeah I'm seeing visions all around
Some of them are silent, and some make sound
Someone pinch me, see that I'm not dreaming
Cuz I'm seeing something I shouldn't be seeing

A star's exploding in the sky
It sets your mind ablaze when it hits your eyes
I had no chance to get away
now that vision will burn me for all time

Please tell me can you see what I'm seeing?
I need to know it's not just in my mind
Can you see it all as it unfolds before us?
Doesn't it make you want to cry?

Well maybe it's too late to help, but I'll try
But either way, this vision's burned into my eyes
Wish that I could take the clock and turn back time
But now this vision will torment me 'til the end of time!
Track Name: Chance Encounter
Well, I just wanted to thank you
For putting me out of my misery
You took away the only thing that I had
when there was nothing left for me
Strange how the fates can work their magic
A chance meeting in this dark, narrow street
And yeah, the Lord works in mysterious ways
I guess he was calling on me

So thank you once again for ending all of my pain
Even if you'll never know my family or my name
And may you receive good fortune for the pillage that you take
And know that I'll be shining on you from above
Every morning, when you wake

You may not be a soul of goodness
But to me you are a saint
And for your actions I will always be grateful
For the life that you hath take
When you watch over your shoulder
Know that I will be there forever
Offering guidance and protection
In eternal gratitude
Track Name: Ice Dancer
You just keep on dancing along
You are blissfully unaware
That the cracks are starting to show
But still you don't have a care

From where you stand, the surface seems so strong
But I can see where the danger is drawn
Follow me, for I can lead you 'cross the water
We will glide on through the night, into the dawn

Why don't you take a leap of faith?
You know you have nothing to lose
Why are you so afraid to fall?
Because I will catch you when you do

Come in from the cold, let me warm your heart
Please jump before you fall, ice dancer
Won't you let me love you, until hell freezes over
Don't be afraid to take my hand, let me save you from sinking under

Standing out on the frozen land
It's gonna be sink or swim
But you don't even see the choice that you have
Please let my love take you in

Please, oh please, let me off my knees
I can only pray so hard, before you freeze
Your soul is frozen, but I can help you thaw
And bring you back from the dead.... ice dancer

And ever since the day I saw your face
I wanted to protect you from it all
So delicate, and so true
You know that I would raise the ground for you
Track Name: Stop
Why is it we always feel as though
Life is going to stop if we just take our time?
Why do we feel like we're wasting away
If we don't fill up every moment
With something to do or say?

Now it's time to catch our breath
Now it's time... to make sense of it all

Think it's time to stop, just for a moment
And let our minds empty out
Take a look inside ourselves
And see what might come about