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Definitely the heaviest song on the album... many elements of this tune date back to when I was still in high school. The verse riff, namely (written on my very first amplifier, which I was lucky enough for it to be a vintage tube amp with an awesome, very thick built-in tremolo), but also the theme of the lyric: our darker side is always watching us, waiting to catch us off-guard in a moment of weakness.
I had the end riff kicking around for years and years, never sure what to do with it, but I always liked it. It was only in the last little while that I finally thought to tag it to the end of this song... That part is gonna be REAL fun to play live!


You're gonna fly head-first to the edge of the earth
Just to see what it feels like to fall
Drive a hundred miles to the center of the sun
And you know I'll be watching it all
I'm the one you see When you enter your dreams
Don't bother to escape from the nightmare
You can try to run To the corners of the world
No matter where you go, I'm already there

You know I see you
Dancing in and out of the mirror
My image is distorted
And my integrity is smeared
Yeah I feel you
Shadowing all of my manuevers
You shed light on all my secrets
And you shatter all of my illusions

I can make the water boil
I could set your soul on fire
But I would never dare to go that far
I'll just stand and watch as you live your life
I can be a friend, or an enemy
Assuming any guise
I can see the truth that tears at your soul
Simply by looking into your eyes

You may see me standing here before you
But the eyes can so easily be fooled
Listen to my words, let them penetrate you
As nothing else ever will...


from The Endless Dream, released February 12, 2012
Written and produced by Trevor Layton.



all rights reserved


Trevor Layton Vancouver, British Columbia

Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Trevor Layton took up guitar at the age of 13 and has become an excellent player, vocalist and songwriter, displaying a range and versatility far beyond his years. His entirely self-produced second album, Trevor Layton and The Endless Dream, has just been released in February 2012, and Trevor is preparing for shows in the spring and summer with his full band! ... more

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