Out of the Light

by Trevor Layton

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Trevor Layton's first release, this album has a spiritual, solitary vibe while still achieving a lush 'widescreen' sound on most tracks. Brooklyn-based P.D. Wohl produced and played many instruments, leaving Trevor to handle most of the guitar parts and occasional keyboards.


released July 22, 2008

Produced by P.D. Wohl with Trevor Layton.
Additional backing vocals on "Pathways": Gord Maxwell.
Harmonica on "The Barber" and "Waiting For the World": Gerry Layton.
Flute on "New Year's Day": Teija D.



all rights reserved


Trevor Layton Vancouver, British Columbia

Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Trevor Layton took up guitar at the age of 13 and has become an excellent player, vocalist and songwriter, displaying a range and versatility far beyond his years. His entirely self-produced second album, Trevor Layton and The Endless Dream, has just been released in February 2012, and Trevor is preparing for shows in the spring and summer with his full band! ... more

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Track Name: Pathways
I have seen the way
This is the road that I must take
It's not a path I've chosen
No, this road has already been paved

And if it's meant to be
Then I will follow it to my grave

If I follow my heart
Then I don't need to read the signs
Maybe I won't win
But come hell or high water, I'm gonna try

No guarantees
About anyone or anything
There is no place for me
To set my spirit or my soul at ease

But I'm free to wander
As far and wide as I please...
Track Name: Unenlightened
You have the same dream every night
You wonder what it's like to really be alive
And you just can't seem to figure it out
You never get a clue of what it's all about

Now I'm listening to all your fears
Nothing I could say could help you out of this
Let me tell you about what is gone:
Everything you ever felt or ever saw!

And now for the surprise...
It glances in your eyes
Can't stop it any more...
I wanna stop feeling sore!

You've gotta learn to live again
Stop being scared, don't be afraid
Yeah, it's time to break away again
Leave it all behind, and fly away

Nothing is the same any more
Nothing comes your way, just let it go!
You think it's different - but nothing has changed
You've gotta start to look inside yourself again
Track Name: I Can Walk on Water
So you walk through this maze
Hope against hope to find your way
And you pray for a spirit to join you
Walking a path that is already paved

So far as I can see
There's no reason for us to be afraid
Because in every way I've looked around me
For an answer that I could never find
without you

I can walk on water
Without you I'd rather drown in vain
I can open your heart
As I fall at your feet again
I can touch your soul
As you fall into my arms again

So you move
Forward through time, but in the end
We all start back at the one, yet again
But all we're trying to do
Is find a sympathetic soul
Track Name: The Barber
Enter the barber, shop seventeen
It is just another day, when the General strolls in
He is looking for a shave... nothing more than a trim

All for the usual price, he flashes him a grin
Ten pesos, he'll be out, as fast as he came in

Ooooh, the blade runs across his skin
Ooooh, you can end it before it begins

He sits him down, cursing silently
"Why must God deliver him to me??"
And he tries so hard not to let his rage get the best of him

He spreads the soap across the skin
It lathers up like the anger within
And he draws the razor, this is his chance for revenge

As the General nears the door, he says "you're a greater man than I
If I'd just had the chance you did, I'd have taken your life"
And he turns and walks into the street...
And the barber knows his friends are next in line

Oooh, and he's let him go alive
Oooh, set free a man who deserved to die
Track Name: Waiting For the World
Watching from the stars
Waiting to descend
Waiting for the world to begin

My time is coming 'round
From here on forth, I make no sound
Watch me rise again
Waiting for the world to begin

Give me open skies and some rocket fuel
And watch me fly so far away
Soaring through the Great Beyond
I could go where no man has gone

Flying high above
And my eyes are trained to the ground below
Watch me turn my head
Waiting for the world to begin

Give me open skies and some rocket fuel
And watch me fly so far away
All this time, I've waited here
Now it's time for me to say
My time is now
Track Name: Lovesong
In my dream, I feel you breathe
We lie together and we float out to sea...
I hold you in my arms, and I hear the sound
I can see the world shine all around

We don't need a lovesong written by anybody else
Cuz I'm gonna write one for you, all by myself
How long til you finally feel the way that I do?
And how long before you realize, that all this time
I've been in love with you

In the morning, the sun will rise
And I will lose myself inside your eyes
I feel the joy that you radiate
To be near you warms me up inside

And though you are so far away
I will dream of you, through time and space
Take my hand, we will take to the sky
All at once, we fly...

We don't need a lovesong written by anybody else
Cuz I'm gonna write one for you, all by myself
You have come into my life and shown me the truth
And nothing I could say or do could ever make it up to you
Track Name: Drink It Away
I see this hurt clouding your soul
Try to drink it all away
Yeah, you know you can't run from the world
You try to lose control

I can't make myself believe
In anything that stops the feeling
No matter if it kills the pain
Stop trying to run away, my friend
Or else you'll get swallowed whole again

Keep your eyes clear
and your soul able to feel
no more of this running away
Don't believe it
when they tell you there's no pain
If you just drink it away

You drown your sorrows deep inside
And dull your heart to it all
Track Name: New Year's Day
I try to carry on, but I wish it was that easy
Now that you are gone, it's hard to find a reason
I think back on what we shared, and find myself in despair... it's really over

Sure as the river flows to the sea
I know that you're leaving me
On New Year's Day...

I've tried to leave behind all of the memories
But no matter what I do they're all I see
Every time I think about you, I wonder what could've been... time to stop wondering

Sure as the sun rises in the sky
I know you are saying goodbye
On New Year's Day...

And you really have no idea, how it breaks me up inside
I know that it couldn't work, no matter how hard I try
I can see a million truths when I look into your eyes
And it makes everything seem like it's a lie
Track Name: You By My Side
Well, I can't help wondering what's in store for me
I guess I'll just have to wait and see
I wonder what is meant to be
I'll have to wander just a little longer

Will I change the world
Or just live my life?
Make a difference
Before I die?

I've gotta stop thinking time is running out
Wanna live like today is all that counts
I don't know where I'm going to
I don't have the answer, but I'm hoping that it's you

Yeah, I could wander for the rest of my life
Looking for the answers without knowing why
As long as I've got you...
by my side
Track Name: Watching From a Distance
So this is what it's come to… a road without an end
Is taking me to the place I'll see all that I thought I had
But all I had was nothing, when I think of the truth
And the truth I had just can't be real, when I look around and view

I see children playing in a puddle of lies and forgery
I want so bad to change the world, I wanna change history
I wanna change history...

I see everything that I once knew, and my friends are beckoning me
I wanna rid this curse, fight this sorrow, and find this truth I seek
The view runs heavy in the distance, smoke makes it hard to see
But I don't have to look any further than right in front of me

But all this time that I've been thinking
Things fall apart at the seams
One of these days I'm gonna go crazy
but I'm gonna find out what it means
What's the answer, please tell me?
I can't even find peace in my dreams
Track Name: Inspired By a Dream
This could change my life
Or give me another reason
Inspired by a dream
At a pivotal time of the season

A new moon is coming 'round
And in the dream I find myself
Stranded alone, so far away
Alone, in the city by the Bay

But at least I'm closer to you
Than I would be otherwise
And I know you've missed me too
'Cause I can see it in your eyes

And you are still the same
As all those years ago
And yeah, maybe you've changed
But you're still the girl I love

Now it's finally time to let go
And move on with my life
Now it's time to leave you behind
But you know I will love you
'Til the day I die...